Security Operations as a Service

SOC, SaaS or SOCaaS. Whatever you call it, your enterprise needs it. 


Security operations centre - as a service.

It’s no longer a question of if an organisation will get attacked, it’s when and what damage will it do.

Globally, organisations have a common problem. It doesn’t matter what vertical an organisation sits in, what countries it operates in or how many technologies are rolled out - cybersecurity has an effectiveness problem.

New technologies emerge every year to help prevent attacks, however the high-profile breaches continue to occur and the attacks increase in number daily.

Cyber attackers now collaborate with each other in sophisticated ways to ensure they can target an organisation or organisations to achieve their desired result.

"I already have a security setup?"

Managed Security Services is not a new concept. Many MSPs have provided these services for a number of years, providing monitoring of an organisation’s intrusion detection and endpoint solutions.

Some services have become more sophisticated and automated which does address some issues such as resource or skills gaps in the organisation (and associated budget considerations) but often needs a very rigid technology stack for monitoring to work. It might also provide only limited protection and can often a result of ‘alert fatigue’ due to numerous false positives which can mean alerts are missed or not actioned in a timely manner.

MDR does not include remediation. To address these gaps and attacks, the focus has shifted to a more rounded approach, which is security operations as a service (SOCaaS).

What is SOCaaS?

And how will it protect me?

SOCaaS is a managed cloud-based service, acting as a security concierge team. Providing a condensed and streamlined solution within an organisation through a combination of technology, humans and processes to constantly monitor, and refine your organisations security posture through real-time prevention, risk analysis, detection, analytics, and remediation.

Enter, Trustco's Security as a Service solution.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

Detect, respond and recover from advanced threats.

MDR to eliminate alert fatigue and false positives, rapid response and detection tailored specifically to your organisational needs, threat hunting and incident response with guided remediation.

Managed Risk

Discover, benchmark and harden the environment against vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. 

Vulnerability management, scanning networks, endpoints and cloud environments to predict and quantify where the digital risks may be through your concierge security team. Discovering risks beyond simple vulnerabilities, by benchmarking your current environment and implementing risk management processes to harden your security posture.

Managed Security Awareness

Prepare employees to stop social engineering attacks

End the risk of social engineering attacks and human error, through security awareness training as a fully managed service. Prepare your employees to recognise and neutralise attacks through micro learning, testing, and coaching to develop an aware and alert workforce.

A turnkey approach to security operations is the only effective combination to cyber security

Any questions?

Here are the most frequently asked questions on security-as-a-service.

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