IT Asset Repair & Disposal As a service

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20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide every year.
Only 12.5% of e-waste is currently recycled
A large number of what is labeled as "e-waste" is actually not waste at all, it is whole electronic equipment or parts that can be reused or recycled.
Recycling 1 million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3,657 homes in a year.

    IT Asset Disposal

    Reuse & Repair, then Recycle & (Data) Destruction.

    The world is drowning in E-waste. ITAD aims to stem the flow of this electronic waterfall.

    Trustco's IT Asset Disposal Service aims to take trash and turn it into treasure. ITAD isn't just about chucking away old IT equipment, it's evolved into a circular economy, which aims to give new life to old IT assets - and only where this is not possible - then recycle and securely destroy data.

    ITAD aims to solve multiple, major IT problems: Reducing the strain on ever decreasing budgets, slowing down the stream of electronic waste and allowing IT teams to reach their regulatory obligations on environmental sustainability.

    IT has a unpalatable addiction to replacing hardware... ITAD aims to fix that.

    Your "Outdated" IT Assets Still Have Value.

    A huge proportion of modern IT assets still have tangible value at the "end" of their lifecycle. Applications such as AI and machine learning dictate that organisations turnover and replace their user's hardware within a set timeframe, even if that user's ability to complete their role is undiminished.

    A Broken Screen Is Not A Broken Device.

    For the vast majority of enterprises, the headache of fixing a broken screen or other components on a laptop, tablet or phone is not feasible. It's operationally cheaper and more effective to buy new. This causes a disposal culture that urgently needs addressing.

    Repairing Beats Recycling.

    Recycling is not the green-utopia that we sometimes believe it to be, while tech recycling is very efficient, due to the valuable components held within - the process still uses resources and produces CO2. Repairing and reusing hardware is always preferable.

    Three Pillars of ITAD.

    Financial savings and green-thinking.

    One of the main drawbacks of being "green" is often the extra effort or cost involved. Walking to work in the rain doesn't sound as nice as taking the car? Even though we know it's better for the environment. With this in mind, Trustco have designed our IT Asset Disposal service to ensure it's an entirely positive experience - reducing the costs involved and boosting your organisation's green credentials.

    Our three pillars of ITAD are designed in order of maximum returns.

    Asset Repair.

    Our ‘Asset Repair’ service is a sustainable and cost effective process that eliminates the need for spending on new devices, with the potential to bring damaged assets back to life.

    By repairing responsibly and securely, the need for brand new items is mitigated, lessening the amount of CO2 produced by IT manufacturers.


    Where asset repair is not a possibility, Trustco will dismantle and recycle all suitable materials from your IT hardware.

    We only use WEEE-compliant recycling facilities and can provide tracking information to confirm where your assets were processed and recycled. 

    Secure Data Destruction.

    As part of the recycling process, Trustco also safely and securely destroy data held within your devices - meeting privacy concerns and regulations such as GDPR.

    Our ITAD services reduce risks and offers financial protection against data breaches or asset loss.

    How It Works.

    Asset repair and disposal.

    Our processes have been setup to make your asset repair and disposal easy to track and as hassle free as possible. Here is an example of how it works.

    Book & Collect.

    1. Fill in a quick asset repair form and confirm which items you're sending back for repair or disposal.
    2. We'll confirm that we can accept your assets and book a courier to collect at a convenient time.
    3. Your assets arrive at our secure warehouse.

    Triage & Testing.

    1. Trustco will assess the condition of each asset and determine whether a repair is viable.
    2. Assets that appear suitable for repair are now tested to diagnose the fault.
    3. Assets are booked in for repair and any required parts are put on order with suppliers.


    Assets are now able to be segregated into three distinct categories:

    1. NFF: No Fault Found - these assets are cleaned and cleared for dispatch back to you.
    2. BER: Beyond Economic Repair - these assets are moved to the secure data destruction workflow.
    3. Repair Required.


    Assets are repaired and fully tested to ensure that repairs are successful and the lifecycle of the assets are increased. For any unsuccessful repairs, we can run further diagnostics to identify a secondary fault, or move to the data destruction phase.


    Successful Repairs and No Fault Items are readied for dispatch back to you via our couriers. Items Beyond Economic Repair and any failed repairs can either be moved to our data destruction process, or returned to you should you request them.

    Data Destruction.

    Our secure data destruction follows a three step process to ensure data is irretrievable

    1. Comprehensive data wiping.
    2. Degaussing.
    3. Physical destruction methods.


    Our specialist recycling teams ensure each item is dismantled, all hazardous chemicals are handled safely and each component is recycled to WEEE standards.

    Trustco Trade-In or Trade-Up

    Our bespoke IT asset replacement service.

    Whether your hardware is damaged or reaching the end of its life. Trustco can recommend the perfect trade-in replacement.

    Replacing your IT equipment can be expensive and an employee without a laptop is costly to your business. With Trustco's all in one asset replacement service, we can help you trade-in and trade-up to the next generation of devices.

    Rightsize your IT environment and optimise your infrastructure to scale effortlessly with Trustco - no more wastage or overuse and pay only for what you actually use. Plus, when you trade in outdated technology for refurbishment or responsible recycling. We'll provide you with a comprehensive journey report for your equipment, allowing you to assure your company of its ethical disposal.

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