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our technical prowess, project foresight and infrastructure abilities puts Trustco ahead of the pack.

Digital Planning & Transformation

Futuristic planning for your digital framework

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Managed Services & Support

Managed services tailored around real world tested SLAs

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Managed Cloud Services

Cloud infrastructure, managed and maintained by Trustco

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Connectivity to match your bandwidth requirements

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Digital Planning & Transformation 

Futuristic planning for your digital framework.

Upgrade, simplify, modernise and even future-proof your entire digital landscape with a framework designed by Trustco.

Transforming your organisation's existing digital landscape sounds daunting, but with Trustco's roadmap of change, we make the process smooth and efficient. Watch your output grow and flourish with a streamlined and powerful set of digital technologies powering your organisation into the future.

Trustco excel at the technological and technical side of digital transformation. We analyse and collect data, define the deliverables and consider the timeframe, constraints and potential pitfalls - all using our extensive experience in the field.

Our typical project lifecycle has the following phases:

Define the deliverables.

Trustco work with you to understand your needs, now and in the future, together we define what is required from both parties to achieve your desired goals.

Responsibilities, timescales and constraints.

Working positively but realistically, Trustco highlight 3rd party responsibilities, a realistic timescale for your project and any potential constraints that might lay ahead.


Now we get down to work. Rolling out your new technologies; hardware, software and system setup. Communicating progress along the way.

Workshops, testing and training.

We can train and onboard your employees on your new tech via group workshops. Meanwhile we test and identify any anomalies that might need ironing our before launch.

Delivery and commissioning.

With client input and feedback from our workshops, we configure and deliver your new digital setup seamlessly. Activating and deploying at a time that is convenient for your timeframe.

Handover / Maintenance.

Depending on your requirements, the final stage of your digital transformation is to handover to your internal IT teams. Alternatively, Trustco can maintain your digital landscape using our managed services.

Managed Services & Support

Managed services tailored around real world tested SLAs.

Trustco offer a wide range of bespoke Managed IT Services based on your organisational requirements. From a comprehensive suite of services, to singular elements - we provide only the options you need - so you're not paying for something you don't need.

Our enterprise ready Managed Services are backed by our SLAs, which are drafted to meet your requirements. This ensures our fantastic customer satisfaction rates and provides your organisation with a consistent level of reliability.

Full spectrum service levels.

Trustco provide a range of service levels: Helpdesk, triage, level 1, 2 and 3 engineer resources are all available within our service plans. You bring the problem, we'll bring the solution.

All user endpoints supported.

Trustco support all users across all devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktops and laptops. Our end user compute services support all environments.

Infrastructure support.

Our proactive approach to your infrastructure keeps everything running smoothly. We monitor the health, performance and readiness of our key infrastructure and react with immmediacy.

Fully outsources or integrative.

Our services are moulded to your requirements. Trustco can sync with your current IT staff and setup. Alternatively, we fully manage your entire IT real estate.

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud infrastructure, managed and maintained by Trustco.

Trustco are class leading cloud system architects and integrators. We listen carefully to you and your organisational requirements to ensure we only introduce the technology required to build your ideal cloud infrastructure.

We integrate and manage cloud software built by the tech giants or by your in house private cloud designers - all managed by Trustco. As a managed cloud service provider, we offer partial or complete control of your cloud platform.

Beyond connectivity: Trustco's process delivers outstanding performance for any organisation.

We support your cloud platform.

Trustco can support the breadth of cloud modern cloud platforms; including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or your private cloud platform.

Design and implementation.

Starting from scratch with your cloud platforms? Let Trustco listen, advise, design and implement your perfect cloud infrastructure. Learn more.

Adopt and adapt.

Trustco's team of tech gurus can train your staff to migrate from old systems, adapt to the new ones and learn optimal ways to use your new technology.

Ongoing management.

Our ongoing cloud management support is here to help with new features, upgrades, maintenance and support of your cloud platform.


Networking and external connectivity to meet your needs.

Trustco understand that your organisation's connectivity is one of the most vital elements to keep things running smoothly. Network dropouts, patchy wifi and slow upload speeds can be the difference between success and failure.

Trustco work from from the ground up to analyse and discover your requirements, recommend options to match your needs and budget - as well as install and maintain everything for you.

Beyond connectivity: Trustco's process delivers outstanding performance for any organisation.

Analysing your workload.

Using sophisticated monitoring technology, we take time to understand how much bandwidth you require as well as the tasks being completed via your network.

Discovering your points of failure.

It can be frustrating when your work is affected by your connectivity. But just where is it failing? We look at internet connection, network adaptors, wifi, cables and more to discover what exactly needs improving.

Dedicated leased lines.

Our experience of the market gives us insight into the best leased lines to install for your business needs. We consider not only speed and bandwidth needs but also latency and reliability.

Site to site interconnectivity.

Organisations with multiple locations or VPN services often move vast amounts of data from site to site. We ensure the most efficient methods are being utilised and that connections between sites are robust.

Performance & productivity.

Having a fast external connection and great internal networking is all well and good, but are they being used optimally? Trustco uses smart tech to reduce the load on your network and streamline everything.

Relocating data.

Holding vast amounts of data in your own datacentres and accessing it regularly can cause network slowdown. Trustco will recommend the most efficient mix of private and public cloud system to suit your needs.

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