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Hybrid Cloud

Best of both worlds IT ecosystems

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Public Cloud

3rd party cloud applications and services

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Private Cloud

Privately managed infrastructure

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Hybrid Cloud

Creating a complete, agile platform for modern apps.

The use of traditional on-site datacentres alongside a mix of public and private cloud environments.

Businesses of all sizes face similar challenges with the growing momentum of cloud based applications and services; they provide a dizzying array of desirable tools that help enterprises optimise, expand and thrive.

However, to move to entirely cloud based setup is not always unrealistic. Nearly all businesses face the combined challenges of legacy systems, ageing hardware, data security, cross platform communications, physical locations of employees and more.

This is where our Hybrid Cloud platform comes in.

Trustco design bespoke IT systems unique to the goals and strategies of your business. We plan and deploy public and private cloud services that are built to identify and help meet operational challenges.


We integrate both public and private cloud systems directly into your existing IT infrastructure.


Cloud based systems are easily scalable, adaptable to current and future requirements.

Purpose built.

Deploy your data and applications where they are needed. Whether that's on-site or in the cloud.

Why go Hybrid?

A modern, 'best of both worlds' approach.

Modern applications require adaptive infrastructures designed to support all of their components, not a restrictive subset. Without an adaptive infrastructure, IT operators often struggle to provide the agile services that developers require and applications demand.

IT operators must ensure the right infrastructure is correctly deployed and configured. Provisioning resources can be difficult due to infrastructure silos managed by different teams, such as servers, storage, and networking.

A Hybrid Cloud solution bridges these gaps and provides customised resources.

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Some applications perform best in the cloud, while others are still best suited to on premise computing. We work with customers to analyse how different workloads will perform and what they will cost.

Legacy systems.

Many mature organisations have long standing systems and applications that are not yet ready to move to the cloud. There is not always a cloud based application for every task.


Allowing cloud based applications full access to your IT infrastructure requires a huge amount of trust. Even the tech giants can have outages and data breaches sometimes. Keep control of your own systems with a Hybrid setup.

Data security.

Data security is a constant worry; moving your data to a public cloud can come with inherent risk. A Hybrid Cloud setup allows for data to be shared only where it is needed.

Legal regulations and policies.

We understand IT does not get a free pass when it comes to company policies - it must also meet national and international regulations. We work with your business to identify risk and design strategy to meet company compliance.


The cost of the initial move from in-house to cloud based data storage may often look relatively cost effective, but the cost of making changes and calling data back (egress charges) can be astronomical. We work with our customers to build awareness and mitigate any hidden costs, enabling them to maintain control over their budgets.

Public Cloud

3rd party cloud services for your entire organisation.

Using publicly available online systems and services for your data and applications.

The Internet has helped to democratise the use of online applications and cloud based data storage for all businesses. Tasks that used to require high powered computation or top-of-the-range hardware can often now be completed in the cloud, via your laptop.

The rise of remote working has further accelerated the commercial requirement to be able to do anything, from anywhere. However moving to a full public cloud setup brings both exciting benefits and thought provoking challenges. Trustco can map, plan and build your ideal public cloud environment, as well as advise whether this solution is right for your organisation.

There are opportunities and risks associated with a 100% Public Cloud system.


Without the need for your own hardware and apps, the setup cost of Public Cloud services can be lower than a Private Cloud infrastructure.


All hardware is owned and therefore maintained by a third party operator. Although scheduled maintenance might come at inconvenient times.

Endlessly scalable.

Public Cloud resources are effectively modular, as soon as your requirement for storage or computing power increases, so can your resources.


The security and privacy of your data is a common concern for Public Cloud services. Meeting privacy regulations and compliance can be a challenge.


Public Cloud services are inherently part of a shared environment. This 'one size fits all' service is unlikely to meet the complex requirements of many organisations.


Many Public Cloud services can suffer with limited customer service agents. The use of knowledge-bases and community based help centres is quite often the norm within the sector.

Private Cloud

In house hardware and systems within a walled infrastructure.

Designed specifically with your organisation's needs in mind. Private clouds keep things...private.

Most organisations have already experienced some variation of a Private Cloud, even a simple networked file system would tick that box. But a properly designed and implemented single organisation Private Cloud system can take your operations to the next level, with boosts in functionality and efficiency. Still, challenges around access, hardware, cost and integration remain.

Trustco works with organisations to recommend a system that is designed exclusively for them, in some instances this will be a Private Cloud setup. When this arises, we will enable your teams to flourish with state of the art technology, transforming your workflow and opening up new possibilities.

Here is our summarised analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with a 100% Private Cloud system.

Trustco think about the future!

A Private Cloud setup may be right for you, right now - but if you aspire to have a Hybrid setup later on, Trustco have you covered. We natively design systems that are future-proofed, so that your Private Cloud infrastructure is compatible with a a Hybrid setup when you're ready to upgrade.

Security and privacy.

A well designed Private Cloud system enables your organisation to control and upgrade its own security. A Private Cloud will inherently keep your data inside your own organisation's physical hardware locations.


Trustco provide support contracts to suit your requirements. Because we design and install your Private Cloud infrastructure, we use hardware vendors that we know, trust and can support.

Full control.

When using public cloud systems, the risk of changes that are not suited to your organisation persist. A Private Cloud setup will ensure full control over both hardware and software - ensuring your needs are always met.


Installing, maintaining and supporting hardware can be time consuming and more expensive than a public or hybrid setup. A hardware failure can result in an unexpected bill.

Maintenance and redundancy.

We understand that a failure in your Private Cloud system could have costly knock on effects. So a strict maintenance routine and backup hardware to plan for redundancy can add complexity and cost.


Accessing your Private Cloud from within your organisation's physical locations is straightforward. But securely accessing data from devices outside of your internal systems is harder, relative to a Public Cloud system.

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