Multi Vendor DC Hardware Support

providing a single point of contact to troubleshoot, support, repair and replace your organisation's hardware when you need us.

Our UK Wide Network

Means that we've always got a hub that's close to the office.

Trustco operates a network of hubs that stock our partner brand's hardware.

This means that no matter where you are in the UK, if you require a scheduled delivery or emergency hardware, we've got you covered. Trustco provides support and spares hubs across the UK and Ireland - to cater for all of our customers.

Northern England

Northern Ireland


The South West

Republic of Ireland


London Area

Midlands & The East

Hardware Support

Best in class support for your hardware, SLA backed and delivered on time.

Trustco's Hardware Support underpins scores of organisations and their IT infrastructure - here when you need us and always ready to react. We support the world's best brands, provide break/fix support for minor tasks and can offer next day replacements where a fix is unfeasible or your issue is time dependent.

SLAs are a critical component of our Hardware Support, uphold our commitment to each of our customers and ensure we meet our responsibilities. We tailor our SLAs for customers to choose the appropriate response for each technology, and can blend next-business-day, 13x5x4 and 24x7x4 hour guaranteed fix as appropriate. We believe in providing a fix not just a response, making sure that the service delivery lines up with the reality you experience on the ground.


When your hardware goes wrong, a fix is often far quicker and more cost effective than a replacement. From issues such as RAM or drive failures, to simple power issues - our nationwide team of techies can identify and patch up most issues.

Next day replacements.

When our engineers highlight an issue that takes more than a simple repair, or when your issue is business critical. Trustco can recommend the most relevant hardware replacements for your situation and get them to you next day - nationwide.


Upgrades are an essential part of hardware lifecycles. We can schedule regular reviews and hardware upgrades, from user laptops and tablets, through to network devices and servers.

Online and offline.

We're digital and physical. Our support teams can diagnose and fix problems remotely, or travel directly to your location to fix or replace your IT hardware.

The world's best brands.

Our decades of experience have taught us only to trust the most reliable brands, Trustco work with: HPE, IBM, Lenovo, NetApp, Juniper, Fujitsu, QNAP, Synology, QSAN, Quantum and Dell - to name a few.

All endpoints covered.

From smartphones and tablets, to netbooks, laptops, desktops, network devices and servers. If you have hardware that powers your organisation, Trustco can support it and replace it when the time comes.

Shared Support

Trustco and Cisco support team. Assemble.

Providing the same customer focussed packages as our Hardware Support, but with the specific requirements for Cisco's class leading hardware. Trustco become your single point of contact for all Cisco related hardware support, break/fix replacements and upgrades.

Trustco and Cisco work hand in hand to provide the best value for our customers.

Cisco specific support.

Trustco and Cisco can provide support in a way that suits you. Make us your first port of call to manage and resolve issues; our Shared Support delivers the same SLAs but in a cost-effective way.

Hardware break/fix.

By applying our highly rated 24/7 break/fix services exclusively to Cisco, everything becomes streamlined - with fewer brand variables - the results are lightning fast.

A single point of contact.

Because of our close integration with Cisco support and our accredited knowledge of Cisco hardware, Trustco will be your single point of contact for any support requirements.

Integrated with TAC.

The Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) provides unparalleled technical support for Cisco hardware and systems. Trustco triage all customer contacts an integrate directly with TAC when required, as well as providing access to important things like IOS updates for your hardware.

IT Asset Disposal

As-a-service. (ITAD)
Achieving your zero waste goals just got easier, meet Trustco Plc pioneering ITAD as a service
ITAD as a Service is an ongoing, managed solution that takes a holistic view of the asset lifecycle, often integrating with IT asset management (ITAM) or enterprise asset management (EAM) systems. Trustco ITAD as a service providers work on a contractual basis, ensuring a consistent, compliant, and sustainable approach to asset disposal. This service model often includes regular pick-ups, detailed reporting, and certificates of secure data destruction, offering a streamlined and comprehensive solution for all organisations both commercial and public sector.

Secure and Environmentally Responsible Data Destruction.

Comprehensive data wiping, degaussing, or physical destruction methods to ensure sensitive information is irretrievable. Eco-friendly methods to recycle or dispose of assets in alignment with sustainability goals and environmental regulations.

Asset Tracking and Reporting.

Detailed inventory tracking and reporting capabilities for transparency and control over asset disposition.

Value Recovery.

Resale or refurbishment of viable equipment, offering an opportunity to repurpose equipment, recoup some investment and offset costs.
Think to the future.

Data privacy, regulations and technology are always changing. Trustco continually review and develop our standards to ensure we are always using the industry standard method for data disposal.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS Services)

Running out of juice can be a serious problem, we'll put a stop to that.

Trustco deploy the latest, most reliable technology to keep your key infrastructure up and running. Our Uninterrupted Power Supply devices will keep you operational while we find and fix any faults. Our 24/7 staffed services are on hand any time of day or night - we're here when you need us.

Trustco install, maintain and health check your UPS. Ensuring it's functioning correctly.

24/7 staffed UPS support

When your power fails it can feel like the clock is running at double speed. If and when you require emergency assistance with your UPS, our staff are available 24/7.

Installation, maintenance and disposal.

Trustco support your UPS devices throughout their lifecycle. From recommending and installing the best tech, through to regular checks, maintenance and disposal.

UPS health checks.

A UPS device is only an asset if it's working correctly. Trustco offer periodic onsite health checks on battery levels, capacitors, fans and any perishable items.

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