Who we are

"Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Established in 1998

Truscto Plc been around since 1998 providing mid and enterprise businesses across the UK with server and compute hardware.  Today we are known as the go-to partner for consultative support and services around digital transformation services.  

Specialising in Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT, our account managers are all trained pre-sales technical advisors, which means we’re all about finding the right service and solution for our customers.  We take a pride in understand what our customers are looking to achieve and helping them do just that.  As such our account management is unrivalled as you can speak 'techie to techie' rather than via a sales person.  When we sell a solution to a customer, we’re there to project manage and deliver throughout from start to finish, and this is one of the many reasons our customers stay with us; because they know we have a genuine interest and are always there to help.

We look at how the full jigsaw goes together not just the pieces a manufacturer wants you to buy. That’s the Trustco value that we add to every solution. 

We gained ISO accreditation in 2013 and continue this standard and certification as the measure of quality throughout the business.  In addition, we implemented Cyber Essentials in 2018 and Cyber Essentials Plus in 2021 across the business. This means we have a clear picture of our cyber security level and can reassure our customers that we work hard to secure our IT against cyber-attack.

We have worked with commercial and public sector for many years and as a result of being awarded three CCS framework places and an NHS SBS framework place, we have segmented the business to teams focusing on and dedicated to public sector or commercial business accordingly.

As well as infrastructure technology, we provide endpoint solutions and system management and take the same care and attention over these solutions as we do to a network design project. Our customers see us as a trusted partner and an extension of their own IT team.

We’re unable to ‘can’t’.

It would, however, be impossible to be 'all things to all people'; here we act as a facilitator. Whilst we are great at the things we know, we know the things we don’t. We build relationships with experts in other fields so you don’t have to, bringing in experts on a project by project basis, or long-term partnership as required.  All the due diligence and vetting is done in order to present you with trusted partnerships, all project-managed and controlled for you by Trustco. We’re meticulous with whom we partner, in line with the high standards of our framework accreditations.


Tony Blair is Prime Minister and Y2K is on the horizon, the founding members of Trustco assemble to bring independent IT services to the unsuspecting businesses of Brighton.


Trustco locates to Shoreham by Sea. The sea breeze and salt air are part of who we are.


Trustco show our innovative qualities, by introducing Nimble Storage to the UK market.


Trustco are awarded ISO 9001 certification. Gold stars and celebration beers for the gang,


Trustco restructures. Read more about this by clicking here.


New HQ location on Kingsway opposite the beach in Hove. Our love affair with the seaside continues.


Trustco and HPE recognise strengths in partnership with each other.


Trustco becomes Cyber Essentials certified. Ensuring protection for our organisation and our customers.


Awarded onto 2 CCS Frameworks and the NHS SBS Digital Framework.


... and onto a 3rd CCS Framework award.


Trustco are awarded Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Zapping those pesky cyber threats away.

Meet The Team(s)

Meet the teams that compile the Trustco gang - we hire skilled and competent IT engineers and clever business types. Our teams absolutely love technology, embrace new ideas and are a good hearted bunch of geeks.

Public Sector

Our Public Sector team slay red tape like dragons 🐉 Procedures and exacting standards are what these guys live and breathe.
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Critical Thinking

Hoop Jumper

The Red Tape Lasso

Due Diligence Dunk


From pharmaceuticals and retail to financial services. Our Commercial Team crush the competition and eat problems for breakfast 🥣
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Bottom Line Bonanza

Overtime Uppercut

Problem Punisher


If you know something that our Technical Team doesn't, then it's not worth knowing! These guys eat breathe and sleep 𝟣s and 𝟢s.
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Network Shakedown

Hardware Hustle

The Brainstorm

Accounts & Logistics

They say Logistics are a nightmare! Our Accounts team turn those into beautiful dreams 💭 Sleep easy at night knowing these guys are on your side.
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Stress Buster

The Mind Easer