TrustMavin: The preferred choice of the NHS

Trustco and Mavin combine powers to become; TrustMavin. Our collaboration enables us to build efficient, cost effect containerised data centres for the NHS and other organisations.
Introducing the TrustMavin Hybrid Cloud collaboration – the Powercube Data Centre for the NHS.

TrustMavin is a new collaboration between Trustco PLC and our longterm collaborators; Mavin Powercube. TrustMavin enables us to empower the NHS with access to a wide range of essential enterprise IT solutions, from state-of-the-art hybrid cloud, through to custom modular Data Centres and everything in between, via several NHS orientated, compliant Frameworks.

Hybrid Cloud allows the NHS to be more digital places, at the same time.

One of the less surprising challenges of an institution that has been serving the UK for 74 years, is that the NHS has some very modern IT solutions, partnered with lots of legacy systems that have yet to be replaced. TrustMavin’s Hybrid Cloud solutions work in collaboration with individual NHS trusts to study and understand their IT challenges and build custom solutions within their approved frameworks.

The Hybrid Cloud approach is perfect for connecting systems across different locations and infrastructure – effectively translating different digital languages into one harmonious working part. Hybrid Cloud provides stability, practicality and security, no matter how many systems it needs to accommodate.

Developing a custom modular DataCentre for the NHS.

TrustMavin’s extensive experience and understanding of NHS requirements and compliance standards allows us to build custom modular Containerised DataCentres with specifications that don’t just box tick – but think towards the future by going above and beyond essentials and build frameworks for technologies that are on the horizon – allowing the NHS to plan and evolve.

We collaborate proactively with the Trust’s Estates, Facilities and IT teams, and encompass everything required into the solution package. Planning (where applicable), Preliminary Surveys, Civils, Power and Data presentation, Design, Build and Deployment of the desired data centre environment, and then supporting the environment moving forwards as required. Whatever elements the Trust wishes to include, we can support and deliver.

The result: More clinical space for patients and a more robust NHS.

Because of the flexible nature of a Containerised DataCentre solution, traditional IT spaces that were previously working inefficiently can be repurposed as clinical real estate for doctors, nurses and admin staff. The previous legacy IT systems that occupied these spaces are optimised and moved to their new remote homes and any functionality that can be moved to the cloud is handled by our Hybrid Cloud solutions.

With a typical 30-40% design and build saving, fast delivery time, significantly less disruption on-site compared to traditional IT bricks and mortar data centres, highly efficient power and cooling, and the ability to re-deploy or scale up. Our custom solutions provide significant cost and ongoing operational savings, whilst supporting the critical ‘green’ agenda.