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Trustco work with public and state schools, colleges and universities. Education providers want to spend their time with young minds, not with learning complicated IT systems - so we make it as seamless as possible.


Working with both the NHS and private sector. Trustco understand the challenges of both and can work with the limitations of healthcare budgets - providing solutions that means the best outcome for patients and healthcare workers.


Providing tax payer value for money us a must for both local and national government. We plan and build IT solutions that come in on budget and on time - leaving government departments to excel in their roles.

Emergency Services

At times when budgets are stretched thinly, employing an experienced IT service provider can pay dividends in efficiency and overall performance. Trustco have experience with all types of emergency services and their IT requirements.


National defence is modern and fast moving, from cybersecurity to boots on the ground armed forces - having a high performing and secure IT infrastructure is an essential part of a modern defence system.

    Here is how we help 

    Our extensive set of services are carefully selected to suit your requirements.

    Trustco understand that the continued evolution of technology can be overwhelming for everyone, even those who work with tech. Our toolbox of modern IT solutions and our adoption of new and innovative technologies means that we are always prepared to help you adapt and change to stay up to date.

    Our suite of IT services can be deployed as one off solutions, or as a wider digital transformation of your IT environment.

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    crown commercial services supplier

    Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud and Public Cloud Services

    Our Hybrid cloud systems power organisations large and small, Trustco can plan, build, manage, upgrade and maintain cloud infrastructure across multiple technologies. 

    Datacentre consolidation

    Outdated and bloated datacentres are a poor return on investment. Trustco work with you to consolidate, replace or migrate your data to a cloud system - we only recommend the best solution for your needs.

    Infrastructure design

    Hardware, software, networks and services combine together to create wildly productive IT infrastructure. Planning and rolling out your custom IT systems is what Trustco does best. 

    Professional Services and Support

    Trustco's professional services team can step in to help your organisation overcome a particular challenge, or on a longer term agreement. Planning, auditing, reporting, consultancy and advice are all at your fingertips.

    Security Operations Platform

    Trustco plan and build cybersecurity systems that are ever vigilant. We automate the processes of scanning for threats and enforcing security policies across all user endpoints. 

    Workplace Design

    Moving office, expanding, or a refurb? Trustco can work with you from day zero to plan your new workspace for optimum IT performance. Power, networking, reliable wifi and cost efficiency, we've got it covered.

    Immutable Backup

    Indefinite and unchangeable backups are the cornerstone of modern secure backups. Trustco work with the latest technologies to provide a failsafe system for data corruption or loss and future redeployment.

    Network Design

    Networks are often the most common point of failure in organisations with expanding IT requirements. Trustco work with you to not only meet your current requirements, but to future-proof you for growth and change.

    IT Procurement Portal

    Trustco have been appointed Aruba’s online SMB reseller. Trustco's Aruba store makes it possible for you to purchase a large range of Aruba Network switches and access points online.

    Maintenance and Repair Services

    Planning and installation is just the start. With our growing reliance on digital technologies, failure to maintain and repair your systems is a recipe for disaster. Let Trustco handle everything for you.

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