Containerised Datacentres

specially designed modular datacentres, contained and secure.

Custom made, innovative datacentres.

Containerised Datacentres provide a modern solution to the challenges of a huge range of industries. Deploying reliable, secure and expandable datacentres in environments where permanent structures are infeasible, impossible, or just too time consuming to implement. Our entirely customisable datacentres are meticulously designed and managed to suit your organisations exact requirements.

Think inside the box, with a Trustco Containerised Datacentre.


Designed with you in mind, our datacentres come in various sizes and configurations. With internal layouts, customised fixtures and environmental controls to match your requirements.

Lower cost.

The prefabricated nature and material components of our Containerised Datacentres inherently lend themselves to being lower cost than a traditional build.


We can design, build, fit and deploy a customised Containerised Datacentre in as little as 8 weeks, compared to an average of 18 months for a traditional centre.


Designed as a 'pay as your grow' modular system, with options to adapt the internal workings of your Containerised Datacentre, or to expand with additonal containers for larger growth.


Metal external frameworks are insulated and secured with high grade locking mechanisms and we add a layer of biometric security for extra peace of mind.

Perfectly cooled.

Installed with cooling systems that are set to the heat output of your hardware to ensure peak efficiency. We carefully calculate the best performance of your systems and cool as required.

Plug & play.

Designed with you in mind; reams of electrical outlets, data ports aplenty and racks as far as the eye can see, so you can expand as required.

Disaster recovery.

We install systems that are able to copy the entire setup of your Containerised Datacentre to a second centre, or into the cloud - suited to your security requirements.

Redundancy built in.

With an N+1 redundancy policy built in as standard, we ensure your Containerised Datacentre is equipped to deal with failures immediately, keeping your organisation running smoothly.

Green efficient.

Optimised design for green efficiency. FREE cooling systems, increasing operational efficiency, decreasing costs and assisting green goals


Built to withstand the elements, our Containerised Datacentres are built to be equal to or greater than traditional structures. Wind, water, snow, lightning? No problem, we've got you covered.

Ongoing support.

Trustco support your IT systems, maintain and replace your hardware and can manage the upkeep of the physical structure of your Containerised Datacentre.

Real world applications. 

Containerised Datacentres are used across the globe for a huge variety of reasons. Organisations of all sizes and structures face 21st century challenges and Containerised Datacentres provide solutions that rise to the occasion.

Thinking of building your own Containerised Datacentre? Here are a few real world examples of how Trustco has helped industry with this effective solution.

NHS & Private Hospitals

Hospitals are often housed in ageing buildings and organisations such as the NHS must spend their budgets carefully and wisely. Many hospitals are contained in buildings with little free space and creating space might negatively effect patient care. Containerised Datacentres can be placed outside the main facility on spare land or even a small portion of the current car park.

Lower cost

Space saving

Deploy anywhere

MOD & Military Organisations

The Ministry of Defence, or other military organisations, can benefit of our Containerised Datacentres. Data security is assured by using private networks without any form of public access - with physical security backed up by biometric entry and class leading materials to prevent forced access.




Deploy anywhere

Logistics & Warehousing

While logistics and warehousing businesses often have lots of space, this is kept for operational purposes - with robotics or automated machinery in place. Large volumes of staff coming and going can also pose a risk to physical and digital security. Containerised Datacentres do away with these challenges.



Deploy anywhere

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Trustco partner with Mavin to build world class Containerised Datacentres.

Mavin have built a reputation for their Powercube containers, built from robust materials to exacting standards. Mavin provide Trustco with the outer shell of our containers, while we get to work on populating these centres with custom designed hardware setups.


Trustco works with your organisation to carefully plan and prepare a custom made Containerised Datacentre that meet your requirements.


Mavin build your container, made with the exact dimensions, fixtures and fittings that are required to support Trustco's hardware installations.


Your new container is delivered and installed on location to meet any locally required regulations. Cooling systems and other infrastructure is also integrated at this stage.

Population and ongoing support.

Trustco are now ready to setup and install all your hardware, create network connections, security and backup systems. We stress test your new datacentre before readying for your approval.

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